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Tuesday, 6 December, 2016

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This is a webmasters advertising co-operative which is free to join and is a great free tool for extending the reach of your site across the internet. It is suitable for advertising any site, including sites on free hosts such as Blogger.

The free Advertising Network at freeadvertising zero is ideal for starter or new sites with visitors as few as one or two uniques a day. For example by showing the largest strip of our ads (as at the bottom of this page) you could earn as many as fifteen showings of your advert on other sites scattered across the web for each unique visitor who sees it.

Advertising images are 'policed' automatically and once approved may not be changed without re-approval by ourselves. We will not approve advertising images that are obscene, upsetting, or are graphically poor.

Last period we served 10118 adverts for our members. This period so far we have served 460 adverts. We have served 14431934 adverts in total. These stats were last updated on Mon, Dec 5th, 2016 19:33:10 PM. The time on this server now is 00:06:41 AM.

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